12 Instagram communities for parents (and not only)

Today I am going to showcase 12 Instagram communities for parents (and not only).

If you started your Instagram account but it seems like nobody sees your pictures, nobody is liking them or commenting on them it’s probably because you’re not “hanging out” in the right places and because you’re not involved too much into liking and commenting yourself.

Also stop using very general hashtags like: #kids #food #children #fun #beautiful #family #etc 🙂 There are so many pictures under those hashtags that yours if not standing out with something super original then will be lost within seconds after posting it.

Find few communities and stick to them. Use their hashtags for relevant pictures you post and stay active in those communities. Don’t just post and go away. If you want to get more likes, start conversation under your picture you have to make the first move. Comment on photos of other people, spend some time going through the hashtags and like other people photos.

The communities I’m listing in this post are fun and family friendly accounts that focus on photographs of parenthood, children, food, fun and creative photographs of your everyday life.

Sometimes if your photo is interesting enough you might get your picture featured on their grid. That’s pretty great if you want to get more exposure to your account or if you want to gain more followers. At the same time following those accounts and using their hashtags will give you access to a great number of moms and dads who serve as great inspiration.

Some of the accounts have weekly or daily “challenges” / “themes” that you have to follow in order to get featured on their grid. But some have general hashtag that you can use every single time you post something on your Instagram account but it’s not related to the daily(weekly) theme.

The accounts I will mention here today are not only children related. They vary from food and life/home style to flowers and bugs and more.

Here we go:

1. Moms with cameras (https://instagram.com/momswithcameras/)

◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌ ●●●⇢ⓓⓐⓘⓛⓨ ⓣⓗⓔⓜⓔ⇠●●● ◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌ ✪WEEKEND FAVS. || #momswithcameras✪ ◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌ ✽ѕelecтed вy мod: @heidikesteloot Thank you @ewasamples for sharing your beautiful photo with @momswithcameras! Please be sure to show your support and visit their gallery. ◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌●◌ Please remember to tag #momswithcameras for a chance to be featured during today’s theme. ●⇢Please note, by tagging #momswithcameras you are giving permission for this page to feature your photos.

A photo posted by moms with cameras (@momswithcameras) on


2. Hiyapapayaphotoaday (https://instagram.com/hiyapapayaphotoaday/)

_______________________________________________ Today is a main tag day and anything goes as we highlight your images tagged to #hiyapapayaphotoaday. Please help us congratulate the following photographers on their great features: @ewasamples @rr_desh @minimalistchick @its_alwaysautumn ______________________________________________ Tag your photos with #hiyapapayaphotoaday for a chance to be featured! ______________________________________________ RULES : ?You may tag up to eight (8) old or new photos for each theme. ?Only tag photos that have NEVER been featured on @hiyapapayaphotoaday. Browse the hashtag to get ideas and inspiration and to support and encourage other artists! ______________________________________________ { Mod: @hiyapapayamom } ______________________________________________

A photo posted by BY @HIYAPAPAYAMOM (@hiyapapayaphotoaday) on

    3. Sunny picture challenge (https://instagram.com/sunnypicchallenge/)  


4. Shutter Sisters (https://instagram.com/shuttersisters/)

    5. The children of the world (https://instagram.com/thechildrenoftheworld/)


6. Snap-ish (https://instagram.com/snap_ish/)

    7. Our everyday moments    (https://instagram.com/our_everyday_moments/)

8. jj_nosquares (https://instagram.com/jj_nosquares/)

with this account is a part of @jjcommunity which you should follow as well and some of their other accounts:

  1. @jj_its_kids
  2. @jj_mobilephotography
  3. @jj_fromwhereistand
  4. @jj_blackwhite


9. All the differences (https://instagram.com/all_the_differences/)

10. Mom_Hub (https://instagram.com/mom_hub/)

  11. Nothingisordinary_ (https://instagram.com/nothingisordinary_/)

Repost from @nio_mod_riceandbeans, Hello NIO friends!! Today it’s another beautiful NIO day! As always, many possibilities , and many beautiful images are being showcasing on our main gallery today! Keep on tagging all your non themed shots to our main tag #nothingisordinary & #nothingisordinary_ for a chance to be featured ! Please say hello to our featured artists by visiting their galleries : —————————————— ——– TL @mecminun BL @formligen TR @hiyapapayaphotography BR @ewasamples ————————————————– – New and old pictures are allowed – Please tag your OWN photos that have NOT been previously featured -No more than 7 photos on our themed tags Collage by @nio_mod_riceandbeans aka @MsBrasil2000 ————————————————– A photo posted by Join us! Tag#nothingisordinary (@nothingisordinary_) on


12. My_365 (https://instagram.com/my_365/)

Last but not least. This community is where I started my adventure with Instagram and got to know most of my followers and the people I follow.


Instagram can be a fun way to connect with people, even make friends. For example a year ago I got to hang out with very talented and super creative @dodovo while visiting Orange County. I had never met her prior this trip. We only knew each other from Instagram and through our pictures. 


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