Au Pair in San Francisco {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA}

Right after her first email, I got crazy excited about this session. Being an Au Pair is a topic close to my heart.

This brave young lady, one day, decided that for a while, she would want to live in America. She left her home country not knowing how to speak English what-so-ever. She dreams big and she follows her dreams. One of them was to have a professional session done in the city of San Francisco. Why didn’t I think of that when I was an Au Pair 🙂

In one afternoon we’d visited many places, as well as missed many. There is just too much to see in one day. Not to mention to pose in front of this deeply in love in SF photographer. If I could I would probably stay in one spot way longer that just 30 minutes. That’s why we are already talking about having another session done in spots that we had missed! Can’t wait D. !!!

san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 11

The first minute we met, she said, she is as excited as she is scared. In her mind she is not photogenic nor pretty. Can you believe that? I hope she thinks differently after this session!!! 🙂

san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 13 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 10 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 14 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 8 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 12 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 7 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 9 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 1 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 2 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 3 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 4 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 5 san_francisco_portrait_session_ewa_samples_photography 6



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