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Video is where everything comes to life. Your business. Your family. Your story.

Let’s chat about how we can bring your story to life!

Just to warn you before you start looking around:

in the past I was asked to make the video I was hired for “more serious and less happy“.

So, if you’re looking for something absolutely lifeless and dry, sorry, I’m not you gal!

As an extreme empath I tend to get into the things I film.

Not only I see things, I feel them!

And that’s my superpower!

Tracey Lee Davis
Tracey Lee Davis@zingpopsocial
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I am a public speaker and I hired Ewa to create a speaker reel for me. I had some footage from a few events but Ewa wanted more to work with. She came to a few of my presentations and took care of everything, and then put it all together in a way that not only showcased the different topics that I can talk about, but made me look really good. She added in music, quotes from attendees, and just put together a really professional video that I am proud to use when submitting speaker applications.
Robin Ray Green
Robin Ray Green@AuthorRobinRayGreen
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Ewa is an outstanding photographer and videographer. I hired her to cover my live training event and she tool beautiful photos that totally captured the essence of what I teach. She was totally professional, she understood what I needed, and over delivered. I'm SO HAPPY with the photos and videos. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for someone who can tap into and capture the energy of your special moment.


As a recognized Bay Area Videographer, I work with business owners who want to step up the game.

Through promotional videos, client’s video testimonials, short teasers of your workshops, events, services, products, you can become more visible on social media as well as connect with your idea client on more personal level.


As a photographer, I use video as a super sweet add-on to any photography session.

Having beautiful pictures of your family is one thing. Having an adorable video from your session and being able to see and hear your child’s laughing, and owning that for the rest of your life is a totally different story.

Thank you so much for visiting my page. I’m super thrilled that you’re interested in working with me. Don’t be shy and write all the things you want to ask me about!


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