Online Workshop Promo Videos using smartphone

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • Brainstorming process – discover types of videos and find out which type could support your business best in the present moment. 
  • Editing process – watch me edit step-by-step videos. LIVE and follow – along, via Zoom. 
  • Video publishing and video marketing – you will learn how to easily create one video and properly resize it and edit it to fit several different social media platforms. 
  • How to use additional recording tools or if you even need them


Regular Price $497

Days special price expires!!!

Video is the most popular way of marketing

  • Engage better with your potential or existing client.

  • Stand out and above the noise of images, gifs, memes, blog posts, etc.

  • Improve sales and increase revenue. 

  • Create a more authentic and personal connection with your audience. 

  • Have a more enjoyable and easily sharable experience with social media. 

Video Marketing Infographic Post

Video Campaigns:
- Get Pretty Pricey,
- get complicated,
- are time-consuming,
- WTF can even afford them?

As with any other social media content, you need to create and post on a variety of platforms, and on a consistent basis. 

Whether you decide to create them once a week or once a month professional videographer services will run into the thousands of dollars.

This marketing strategy doesn’t make sense for a lot of small businesses. 

Year after year video marketing proves to be one of the best ways to grow a business. Yet, a lot of small businesses feel lost when it comes to video. Whether because of the budget it requires or because of a lack of knowledge.


I get that!!!
that's why I created
Smartphone Promo Video Academy

This workshop is addressing the majority of small business owner problems when it comes to video marketing campaigns.

"I have a small budget" - as a professional videographer I hear that often!

After this workshop, you will start creating professional-looking promotional videos for a fraction of the cost. 

And the only tool you’ll need is your smartphone and an additional editing app.

"I don't like being in front of the camera" - this is another excuse I often hear

Learn how to create promo videos for your business without having to appear on camera.

Let’s bust the myth that promotional videos need your talking head! 

"I don't have the time to learn videography" - exactly! who does? So, how about a weekend date?

You don’t need 5 years to obtain a master’s degree in photography and film to compose a sweet 1-minute video that could help you sell more of your product. 


In this 2 days online workshop (with breaks in between sessions) you will learn everything you’ll need to brainstorm, film, edit, and publish high-quality promo videos. 

You’ll learn the process to successfully wash, rinse and repeat your own system of promo videos. 


"I am not creative" - like being able to stitch together 1-minute video requires an Emmy Award! OMG!

You don’t need to be James Cameron or George Lucas, 

Creative or not, if you can follow a simple step-by-step process then you can create a very cool, and (probably creative) video.  

Plus we will have Facebook group support available for any of your questions during and after the workshop.

"Not sure where I would get the content from" - plenty of ideas where you are right now. you just need a nudge to see them.

You will receive a simple list of ideas for promo video topics. 

The more videos you make, the more ideas you will start adding on your own to that list. 

Regular Price $497

SALE price expires on NOVEMBER 6th!!!

Days until workshop

After this workshop, you will gain the freedom to create videos anytime you wish, with any budget you have, on any topic you want ​

Smartphone Promo Video Academy

A total transformation from ZERO to HERO in smartphone videography.​

One-time LIVE workshop.

After this workshop:

(1) You will walk away with at least ONE full promo video made on your smartphone and by you. From start to end!
(2) You will know a simple process for creating aesthetically pleasing videos. In other words, you'll be reaching more potential clients in no time.
(3) You will know how to build brand awareness with your videos.
(4) You'll be able to add call-to-action or any additional text over your videos.
(5) You will know how to properly record sounds for voice-over, interview, educational or tutorial purposes.
(6) You will have ongoing support in FB group form.

Examples of short promo videos done on smartphone


1. How creative do I have to be to take this workshop?

On a scale of 10 and 1 is where you sporadically snap a picture of the sky or a weird tree, you need to be probably 2.5. 

2. How hard is the homework?

Again, on a scale, it all depends. You decide to push yourself and do something outside of your comfort zone or will decide not to get too adventurous? Nothing too complicated. Don’t panic. 

3. How technologically advanced do I have to be to take this workshop?

Definitely basic knowledge on how to navigate the additional editing app. It will help you follow along easily with the step-by-step part of the workshop. Getting familiar with the terminology. Trying to put together a video or two on your own before the workshop is going to be a great start point. 

4. Is there an additional fee required to go through this workshop?

I will be leading this workshop using one of my favorite video editing apps (their pro version) – one-year subscription $15.

You will be able to use their free version for the purposes of this workshop, as well. 

5. What’s the timeline for this workshop?

4 live ZOOM sessions. 2 hours long each. 

Saturday 11:00am to 1:00pm and 3:00pm to 5:00pm (Pacific Time)  – DECEMBER 4th

Sunday 10:00am to 12:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00pm (Pacific Time) – DECEMBER 5th 

In between zoom sessions there will be homework like filming clips, writing script, creating graphics, etc. 

Recordings will be provided after the workshop.


Ewa Samples May the art be with you

Hey and Hello from my corner!

I'm really excited to have you here!
As a small business owner myself I am very passionate about helping other small business owners.
I've always been very thrifty and resourceful. In my life and in business.
There were times in where I had run my business mostly from my phone. That didn't stop me to grow it each year. Today I want to share my wisdom with every small business owner with limited budget!
It doesn't mean you have to struggle when it comes to marketing!
It only gives you the opportunity to think outside of the box and get creative!

Thank you so much for visiting my page. I’m super thrilled that you’re interested in working with me. Don’t be shy and write all the things you want to ask me about!


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