Beautiful Breastfeeding Pictures to cherish forever

I’m one of very few photographers who specializes in providing Beautiful Breastfeeding Pictures for my clients to cherish forever around the Bay Area.

My breastfeeding sessions are specially crafted towards intimate moments. You don’t have to have a newborn to have the session with me. It doesn’t matter how old your baby is. If you still breastfeed, the session is for you!


Back in 2012, I wrote a post for an online community, World Moms Blog: “Poland via the USA: Breastfeeding in public?” expressing my thoughts about nursing in public being such a controversial, yet a natural state of human existence. To be honest with you I feel more comfortable taking pictures than writing, therefore instead of writing about this issue, I will simply join the group of photographers who do support the cause of breastfeeding in public (covered or not).

Contact me if you’re interested in preserving those precious moments:

Thank you so much for visiting my page. I’m super thrilled that you’re interested in working with me. Don’t be shy and write all the things you want to ask me about!


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