Earth Day on the Bay at the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City

Today, we went to “Earth Day on the Bay” at the Marine Science Institute. There were many activities and things to see, but we anchored our butts at a lovely small beach next to the Institute. The beach is full of broken shells, and it hurts to walk on it bearfoot. However that didn’t stop the kids. They got wet and muddy, and all what they were talking about it how they wished they knew where we’re going, because they would had taken their swimming suits with them. Well, it looks like I know where to take them tomorrow. Beach it is 😉

It started from dipping they feet. Just a little bit. Then it went to going down to about their knees. The kids on the beach had a really great time. We should have visit more what was available inside the Marine Science Institute, but at the end the kids we just happy with where they were, and with finding clam shells (the beach was full of them).

At the end they were all dripping wet from toes to top of their heads. Still, we had to finish the day with a huge scoop of ice cream for everybody.

How was your day?

Earth Day Marine Science Institute-1

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