Mindfulness and Yoga Club for Girls

"I'm so happy that I decided to enroll my daughter into your Yoga and Mindfulness Camp! It has always been important to me for her to have an outlet to express her thoughts and feelings, especially about her body image and learn coping skills on how to ground herself through difficult moments in life. Your camp has added coping skills that she will carry with her for years to come. I really hope that your curriculum can be provided to many other girls and boys in a school setting, as emotional health and awareness is just as important as any other subject in school, if not maybe the most important! Thank you again :)"

here we will Build foundations for:

- resilience

- self confidence

- gratitude

and many more positive ways to empower our young girls

There’s no need to  struggle with communication, emotions management, problem solutions, mental health, self-esteem, social skills. 
Breathing methods, meditation, healthy self-expression in a form of art…  
This is all available to them, yet, not many places practice it. 
Taking care of mental health of young people has never been a priority until it’s often too late, or some sort of damage already has happened. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Let's show them better.


Mindfulness Club for girls, Morgan Hill

Let's give them TOOLS for happier life TODAY:

Emotions get BIG in stressful situations. 

From not being able to calm down to destructive self-talk. 

Some kids start to close off & withdraw. Some act out and find attention all the wrong places.

In this workshop we will talk about:

– tools for better communication instead of withdrawing, tantrums or going angry throwing sh… stuff around and feeling like “nobody gets them”.  

 healthy tools for self-expression, because seriously, all of what young people really want is to be seen and heard, but often they don’t have the language to express their thoughts. 

– easy to follow and remember calming breathing techniques for moments when emotions take over.

– topics like belonging, healthy body image, bullying, gratitude, and much more… 

Why didn’t I know about all that when I was 13?

After this workshop your girl will:

  • gain skills and encouragement to make responsible choices, 
  • start believing in their own skills and abilities, 
  • be able to gain a sense of connection and sense of healthy belonging,
  • be on the right path to develop strong sense of character and sense of right and wrong,
  • be encouraged to actively contribute to the world around them, 
  • be able to cope better with everyday stress and stress triggers,
  • understand better what life choices are and how they can affect their present and future life. 
Self-portrait for self-healing, Ewa Samples Photography _ 5

As a 14-year-old girl, I developed eating disorders, began a life-long battle with very low self-esteem and depression. The self-destructive behaviours didn’t seem to have an end in eyes of my parents, that’s for sure.  

You see, I can’t say that somebody came and rescued me. There was no teacher to show me different, more healthy ways to express myself and to make me feel heard. 
Seeking attention in all the wrong places is what often happens in pre-teens and teens. 

Those habits stay for lifetime. It’s hard to get rid of them.

Then, there are pills, therapies, labeling, problems with self-esteem, belonging, and negative self-talk. 

It really doesn’t have to go that route.  

Today I am certified as Therapeutic Arts Life Coach and Life Story Coach. 

Became Kids Yoga Teacher certified by one and only Jaime from Cosmic Kids. 

and I am on the mission to show the young people (and not only), that there is happiness within us (not outside of us) and we just need to know how to reach out for it. 

Workshop includes:

- meetings 4 times a week during the Winter Break

- 3 hours per meeting

- printed copy gratitude and art journal

- variety of mindfulness& yoga exercises

- therapeutic art projects

- easy to follow meditation ideas

- and much more

- price is for 4 meetings

Gratitude & Art Journal

Happier Kids, Happier Future!!!


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Mindfulness Club for girls Morgan Hill, Ewa Samples

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