How I got to photograph Slovak Rough-haired Pointers {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

When I first got an email from this family I was extremely happy. Not only they are dog lovers, but they are literally dog parents. Oscar and George are their kids as any human kid could be. They even go trick or treating each year. This year, for example, they were supposed to be superheroes, but due to a family sickness they did not go.

Thanks to their super awesome mom you will be able to see Slovak rough-haired pointers super heroes, anyway. She dressed them all up today and snapped those pictures just for the purpose of this post, so enjoy what might be your only chance to see such cute thing.

_DSC6807 (1)



I really hope they enjoyed those costumes more then being in a sheep disguise (what I heard, they did not like so much).

This breed (Slovak Rough-haired Pointer), is very unique to United States. If you were with us you could simply see that, because every single person who walked by us stopped with the question:

 “wow! what kind of dogs are they?”.

I was very impressed by the dogs friendly attitude towards me or other dogs. During the session I had received countless kisses and many times we had to take breaks caused by the urge to say “hello” to passing dog owners, or rather the owner’s dogs.


These dogs are mostly bred to track and point vast range of animals from birds to deer. The couple got them after falling in love in this breed during a dog show they attended. Or I should say, it was the mom who fell in love with this breed. And when woman wants something, she gets it. Right.

They imported one from Slovakia, and then one more. They say, they don’t plan more, but, well, I know how that goes…


You start from one, then the one seems to be a little lonely, so you add another one, and before you know it you have a bunch…



As an owner of a hunting breed myself, it was very interesting to listen about Oscar and George. I loved hearing about their personalities and how different they are. Just like my dogs. The same breed, two totally different personalities. Well, the same goes with my two daughters. Kids, dogs, no difference, and we pretty  much agreed on that, too. LOL

Also, just like kids, we were able to trick them to “behave” with some delicious snacks during the session.







Slovak Rough-haired Pointers_ewa_samples_photography_san_jose-12


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