Social Media Management and Content Creating

Bay Area Family PhotographerWhy Social Media Management and Content Creating is super important for your business?

If you’re a busy business owner, you know that creating regular content and then managing your social media is a pain in the butt. You also know that in today’s world if you don’t have any presence in the online world it’s hard to find new clients.

People who are interested in working with you, are also interested in “checking you out” online. They want to see who they are about to work with. What is your mission statement? What is your brand all about?

These days having a simple website is not enough. And I know, this is probably stressing you out. You just want to provide your clients with what you do best. Whether it’s creating/delivering new products or providing the best services possible. You started your business not because you wanted to be glued to the computer or your phone constantly having to update your social media and constantly being worried if your brand is visible enough. 

So…, why won’t you outsource it to somebody who will take that pain away?

How can I come in handy in your social media management and content creating process?

With 8 years of photography and videography experience, I’m going to produce an original to your brand content and will distribute it among the most important social media accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Based on your needs and budget we will meet once a month or once every quarter to shoot pictures and videos. After that, all these materials will be regularly posted on your social accounts, so YOU don’t have to worry about it anymore… 

You will be able to enjoy doing what you love the most: providing your clients with the best services and products having the peace of mind that all your creations are professionally displayed across all your social media for people to discover and buy more off it:-) 

Let’s schedule a free call for us to chat about how we can work together!

Thank you so much for visiting my page. I’m super thrilled that you’re interested in working with me. Don’t be shy and write all the things you want to ask me about!


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