Strawberry Filled Cinnamon Rolls – Picky Eater Approved

Strawberry Filled Cinnamon Rolls – Picky Eater Approved

This is my second jump into the journey of “Our quest for the best cinnamon rolls”. As some of you might already know, sometime ago I committed myself to make, and my kids to taste many different cinnamon rolls recipes, until I get bored with this project, essentially. I also decided to rate them  for the picky eaters, and not so picky, as I have one of each in this household. I’m saying this recipe was approved by my picky eater because she was the one who was more interested in the warm version more (she ate a few of them), then the not very picky eater (who stopped eating them after one bite of the first roll). Overall, those cinnamon rolls where not a big hit, comparing to the previous ones.

Our first try was Apple Filled Cinnamon Rolls with home made Apple Cider Caramel sauce. Beside the apple cider caramel sauce and few pieces of apple as the filling, this recipe wasn’t that different from the regular cinnamon rolls I make. I even use my old dough recipe, which was kind of cheating.

This time, I decided to follow as much of the recipe we are testing as my heart allows me. For examples, I can’t find a peace with the idea of buying a strawberry sauce or strawberry pie filling. I like to make it myself, if I can. So for this recipe I made my own. And it was delicious, although the color was not so vibrant as if you got it from the store. You know, it didn’t have all the artificial food coloring, that’s required in order to keep this super bright red color even after being cooked to death 😉

I cooked my strawberries with a small piece of peeled beet, for more vibrant color. I think it helped a little. I helped myself with this recipe from All Recipes.

Homemade Strawberry sauce

Homemade Strawberry Sauce

All the pictures included in this post are taken with iPhone 4. Having my “big girl’s” camera in this messy and sticky kitchen seemed to me like a not the best idea.

strawberry filled cinnamon rolls

Strawberry Filled Cinnamon Rolls - Picky Eater Approved

Strawberry Filled Cinnamon Rolls - Picky Eater Approved

Strawberry Filled Cinnamon Rolls - Picky Eater Approved

Here is the original recipe for the strawberry filled cinnamon rolls. The only changes in the recipe were:

  • instead of white sugar I used turbinado
  • instead of all purpose flower I used mix of all purpose flower and whole wheat flour (ratio: 2 cups of APF, and 1 1/4 WWF)

For the cream cheese glaze:

  • I skipped the butter completely,
  • used mix of honey and turbinado sugar in place of the powdered sugar to my taste


Overall, as much as I liked the taste of those cinnamon rolls, they got soggy very quickly, and my kids ate them only on the first day, and right after they were baked, and still warm. They were not interested in them after that. My kids have started asking me to make more cinnamon rolls, but using their words “no those with strawberries in them”. Even the not very picky eater moves her head in agreement.

I would say 2 stars out of 5 in our cookbook.

After my first post I got two recipes from my readers and I’m going to try them next. One is not really a recipe for cinnamon rolls but Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Smitten Kitchen. I’m already feeling challenged. We will definitely omit the raising or currants, but I’m planning to stick to the whole wheat thing…

What’s baking in your kitchen today? If it’s a pan of cinnamon rolls don’t forget to share the recipe with me!!! ????


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