Why I have such hard time outsourcing work

Ha! Its’s been almost 3 weeks since I wrote the Day 9 of 15 Day Blog Challenge, but life got quite busy as well as I had to think about Day 10 topic which is “Identify one task that you can outsource in the next 2 days“.

I know photographers (and other entrepreneurs), outsource all kinds of tasks within their business.  It’s very common for wedding photographers to outsource editing, for example. Bookkeeping is another thing to simply give to someone else to take care of. Taxes. Housekeeping. Even blog posts writing or social media updating in general. Well, I don’t do any of that. Maybe taxes. Although I have to do my part anyway  :/

What my biggest problem is, I have this issue with delegating things to people. That comes from how I was raised. It was one of the most common saying around the house:

If you ask someone to do something for you, you’ll end up having to do it yourself“.

My mom used to say that ALL. THE. TIME. She would say you can rarely relay on people to do your work for you. No matter what. No matter if you paid them or ask them to do you a favor. Friends. Strangers. Doesn’t matter.

DO IT YOURSELF in first place, and you save yourself the disappointment, time, the energy and what not

she would said!

Looking back I know that this is why I have such hard time to outsource tasks and also, ask for help if I need it. I rather do a poor job, in designing a business card or eBook for example, then simply outsource it to someone who can do way better job. Because of that most of the time I don’t enjoy going to restaurants, thinking I could cook the same thing, for cheaper and it would be healthier. Such a trivial thing as driving through a car wash is a big deal for me. Mostly because I don’t think those places clean good enough, secondly I’m simply convinced I can do a better job, no matter what. Therefore I often drive a dirty car because I won’t take it to the car wash but I also don’t have the time to wash it myself. Ridiculous right?

It took me a while to ask a friend to come along to a session with me to help me with “behind the scenes” part during this session. Silly enough I initially believed I could do it myself.

It always takes a great amount of convincing from my husband for me to agree to leave my own kids with their grandparents, not to mention a real babysitter (which I can’t recall they ever stayed with). Friend here or there, yes. But that was a struggle too.

Outsourcing is a word I fear, that’s why I had such a hard time to (even) write this post. Although with each year of running this business I realize more, and more of the necessity of asking for help and simply having some things within the business done by other people. I can’t be ONE-MAN band and don’t burn out.

So, yes… This is why I normally don’t outsource, but I’m working on it.


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