Acton Children’s Business Fair in Morgan Hill, California

Acton Children's Business Fair is coming to our wonderful Morgan Hill.
I can't wait!!!

Children's Business Fair Morgan Hill

In 2019 my kids participated in Acton Children’s Business Fair and from that moment I simply fell in love with this concept. Two years later I’m happy to announce I’m going to be hosting the same event but a little closer to my own community. The fair is coming to Morgan Hill, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  

It all started with Business workshop for kids, “Big ideas start small” which I run as a summer workshop. Back then I didn’t even know about the existence of Action Children’s Business Fair. The workshop was super chill but packed with great information I put together for our kids. I wanted them to understand the principles of running a business but at the same time I didn’t want to make it boring. Because which 9 year old cares about such definitions as “profit”, “loss”, “marketing” or “branding”.  

Anyho, by the end of that workshop 2 of our 4 participants had ready to go businesses.  

Ewelina started Ewelina’s Crafts 

Evie had her Evie’s Pet Portraits

I was super happy with what they created and the amount of work and heart they put into it. 

As I wrapped up the workshop I stumbled upon Santa Clara Children’s Business Fair and, holy moly, I knew right away that Ewelina & Evie were meant for that event. 

Children's Business Fair Morgan Hill Ewa Samples Photography
Practicing booths set up before the event

The event was life-changing. 

Learning things at school about life is one thing… Experiencing life just by living it and doing things is absolutely different way of learning. This is exactly what I want to inspire in the young generation: learning by living, doing, making things happen, failing and getting back up again, figuring things out, experiencing all sorts of emotions and thoughts and learning how to use them or work with them (or even against them sometimes). 

As a business owner, I know what kind of freedom, and challenges (of course), running a business brings. I think, it’s absolutely fantastic to show kids that they can use their superpowers and talents to make money and change the world. A’s and B’s in math are awesome but setting up a booth and putting all that math knowledge into thinking about profit and loss and investment and dealing with cash flow… how exciting (and challenging) is that?!?

Back in 2019, sitting at the booth with my daughters I had a thought that it would be absolutely amazing if I could organise such event in my own community. 

As the great Paulo Coelho says: “when you truly want something, the entire Universe conspires to make it happen”, and hey! ain’t that the truth… 

Fast forward to 2021…. BIG IDEAS START SMALL. This one small thought sprouted into an actual EVENT, and here we are! 

I couldn’t be more inspired by all the response this event is already getting. I’m looking forward to seeing all these young crafty entrepreneurs doing their best and setting up an example for our future generations!

Children’s Business Fair is mainly based on volunteer work. I don’t get paid for organizing it, yet, there are a lot of expenses to be covered if I want to make this a safe and unforgettable experience for everybody!

I’m looking for other businesses who can contribute prizes as well as monetary donations to this event!

In exchange YOU WILL:

– have your logo and link to your website posted to Children’s Business Fair website, 

– be generously mentioned in all our marketing efforts, 

– you’ll be able to distribute your own marketing materials during the event among all the participants and guests. (we are expecting between 200 – 500 people attendance). 


Fill out the form below and let me know who you are and how you would want to contribute! 

I’ll get back to you ASAP! 

Become a SPONSOR

You can also DONATE as individual

I can’t wait to get this whole thing started already, I’m so excited! 

Please share this event with your family and friends. Sharing it on FB, twitter, Instagram or even in a personal email to someone who you think would be the perfect match for this event would be a tremendous help.  

Such empowering events that are aimed at our young people don’t happen very often so let’s spread the news about it!

Peace & Love



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