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Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons. 

Demi Lovato

I  strongly believe that creativity is not a talent. I believe creativity is like a muscle. We have to exercise it in order to grow it.

We are all born with the same amount of creative potential. However, when we go through life we learn different ways of dealing with problems. In the process, we develop our creativity or we decrease it. In happens because often there’s no enough emphasis on art and artistic self-expression at school. People are focused on the academics, they forget about all these amazing properties of participating in the process of making art. 

Making art heals. 

Making art teaches us a lot about ourselves. 

Making art relieves stress. 

Making art produces serotonin. 


As we get older we tend to look at art as an activity for kids or only for these super talented ones. Occasionally adults go to the “painting parties” where everybody gets drunk and paints the same shit. 

As we get older we rather drink a beer (or two), or eat a bowl of an ice cream each night to relax. But who would have thought about putting an easel in the corner of the living room and paint instead? 


Art and Kids

What I love about photography that if these days you have a smartphone, you’re essentially ready to go. 

The imagination is the limit. There are good editing apps for absolutely free. The ones that are not free don’t cost as much as your monthly bill for Starbucks or Heineken or the new pair of shoes, or other indulgences.  

Photography doesn’t take as much space as painting. It doesn’t need any extra supplies to carry. 

Photography can be done at any given moment in a day, with your friends, with family or just on your own. 

It’s all about the process, you know. It’s about finding an inspiration, acting on that inspiration and then creating something unique out of it. 

It’s not about snap and post. 

It’s about putting some thought about the piece you want to create. In photography, in painting, in sculpture, or in any art form. 

If you haven’t done much of it as an adult, the process is hard at first. Just like with exercising, your muscles hurt at first. So remember, rinse and repeat. Don’t give up. 

Here, have a look at a few of my self-portraits, from the beginning to end done using my iPhone 6. 

I was not planning on creating a master piece. Each time I was just inspired by the moment, by my emotions and my thoughts, and I wanted them out. 

Self portrait Ewa Samples Photography
Self-portrait for self-healing, Ewa Samples Photography _ 5
Self-portrait Ewa samples

I believe art is powerful. Participating in art making in particular. With today’s technology and easy access to art supplies, creativity is one of the best ways to invest in yourself and one’s potential. 

It would be fantastic if there was more art in schools and less testing and scoring and chasing some kind of invisible standard or more defined ways of success in life. 


The more art you create, the easier is to be inspired by the world and act on that inspiration. 

Remember, at the end it’s not really about the muscles that people should be exercising for, but it’s the overall health improvement, longer and happier life, etc. Nice body and toned muscles are the icing on the cake, if it happens. Just like ending up with something very special when you are involved in art making. 

I hope I inspired you a little to look at your phone like it’s an art tool instead of just brainwashing machine for mindless scrolling and reading too much news. 

To help you will this inspiration I made this easy to follow video tutorial. It’s only 5 minutes long but it will help you to get your ideas flowing.  


I invite you to listen to my guest appearance in “Just Stories” podcast where I talk about the therapeutic power of photography in my life. How it all started and where it is right now. 

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