Dreamy Family Session {Concord, CA}


What a great family I had the pleasure to work with. Not only they loved my ideas for the session, and they were super prepared for it, but they are also the fellows Poles 🙂 When we met, they were on their last week of vacationing in the U.S. It is always great to work with such a naturally happy and cooperative folks, but being able to speak in your native language while doing so, it’s the icing on the cake.
In addition, this session brought back memories from times when my older daughter was that small. She was exact the same way, always happy and content, and not much attention was needed to make and keep her that way.
Oh, those good old days, but also cheers to the ones ahead 😉


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  1. Great Job Ewa!I love the set up, but even more so the smiles and sweet interactions of the family. I don’t know how you got the baby to look in camera so often, but I want to know the secret!

    1. thank you!
      my secret is playing peek – a – boo (pretending I’m hiding behind the camera) with the baby, and an assistant, which I was very lucky to have during this session! 🙂

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