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I have planned to do it for a LONG, LONG time! Always wanted to find a special moment, or special inspiration, or special something to announce it, until I finally decided to do it. Because there is never more appropriate moment to do something then now. Putting things aside often ends with not doing them at all.

As photographers we always need to pick a niche in which we want to create the most of our pictures and get paid for them. Mine is Natural Light Family Photography. But I would be lying if I said I am not interested and wouldn’t want to try different kind of photography.

This post is to express my need for creating something more original and unique. To do that I need a person willing to work with me, someone understating and patient, and someone who more than anything wants to have a fun session!

I have recently talked with several of my clients (all moms) during our photo sessions and I was positively surprised that they were talking about wanting to do more creative photo shoots. I have learned that just like me, many moms have their own “dream photos” they would want to have done. They are definitely not family photos with kids, husbands, in nice, elegant clothes, smiling to the camera! Some of them are very dark and moody! When I learned about it…

…this is when the idea of running this contest was born.

To ENTER the contest:

– go to my Facebook page and leave comment with your idea of a “dream session” in the comment area under this post (you can describe it with words, or upload a picture, or a link to a website, Pinterest board, etc)

– it would be nice if you liked my page first but it’s not required (as I prefer real fans and followers over forced ones!)

THE WINNER will have chance to recreate with me his/her “dream session”.


and just so you know I probably will not be able to do underwater photography, airplane jumping photography or nude photography. I also want to say that the word “RECRETE” is used here very freely, loosely. If you use a certain photograph or certain style of a photographer as an example of your dream session I will not try to copy that image/style in 100%. We will simply try to “be inspired” by the given photo or the style. 

The contest will end on June 10th. The “dream session” will take a place in San Jose/Cupertino Area.

For a small encouragement, I will share as first:

– These are photos by Caroline White Photography (, whom I adore! And if I could work with her it would be dream come true!

caroline white photography
Photo Credits Caroline White Photography –

Now it’s your turn!



If you’d like to chat about your session with me, please email to ewasamples(at) 
Also, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and in return get on an exclusive list of mini-sessions, and model calls. 

Hope to hear from you soon, 
Ewa, your Family Photographer

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