I’ve replace an old habit with a new one {Day 5 of 15 Day Blog Challenge}

Today I will be talking about a habit I’m replacing and about the new one that will serve me better. Natalie Sisson in her explanatory video about today’s topic of the 15 Day Blog Challenge goes even further saying that we can specify which people we are deciding to cut off from our life, people who don’t serve us as inspiration, help or support. Those who are always critical about us, our plans and our believes. In opposite we should surround ourselves with few valuable people who if criticizing us they do it because they love us and care about us not because they are jealous for example.

This is not a very unfamiliar approach to life (personal and business wise), as I have stumble upon this idea at the end of last year reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

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This book gave me some power how to change my mind set when it comes to running a business and believing in myself. Even if you’re not a business owner but you struggle with believing in yourself this is a great book to look into.

[ctt title=”One of the habits I had decided to replace was to stop caring about people who don’t care about me. In online world and the real life world. It felt wonderful and empowering.” tweet=”Habit I had decided to replace was to stop caring about people who don’t care about about me. It felt wonderful. https://maytheartbewithyou.com/?p=4377″ coverup=”aD_ig”]

At the beginning of this year I have started actively participating in monthly meetings of an awesome group of creative people and it was the best thing that could happen to me. Lots of inspiration. Lots of valuable information. If criticism then very constructive. Here is a video I made from the first ever meeting I attended.

There is another habit that I have replaced since then (or I’ve been trying to replace). Not being afraid of doing. You know that thing that stops us from trying new things, learning new things because we are afraid of a failure. I haven’t master that one yet but I am working on it.

Now, your turn… What habit have you replaced recently or would like to replace?


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