Magical Smash Cake Saratoga San Jose

Magical smash cake Saratoga San Jose


Prior to this magical smash cake (well, it was magical for me) session we met twice. And I think, because of that experience I’m going to write a piece about the importance of being able to meet your photographer in non stressful environment before your session. But that can wait a few days 🙂

Also I feel like I should call all my session magical, because I feel like after each session I’m richer in something indescribable.

Anyway, during our first meeting little K. gave me a high five. And what I learned after that, she’s never high fived anybody else than her dad before. How cool is that?

The second time we met, it was for a location scouting, at the location covered with geese poo. Yeah. You guessed it right. We didn’t go with that location 😉

When we settled for what seemed to be the best location for what little K.’s mom envisioned, there was still a little of worries about the b-day girls itself. She’s very shy, and her favorite spot is her mom’s lap or her dad’s arms.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m always trying to ensure families that no matter what, we will get beautiful photographs, and the last thing I expect from the kids is to be perfectly perfect. That would be so totally boring. And so totally fake.

During this session, the shyness did not vanished from the b-day girl. While I was calmly moving around Little K. firmly holding on to her mom, the only sound around was the click of my camera. I loved how natural she was looking. She was intrigue with me, she was peeking curiously at my camera, but also she was very glad she can have her parents around, and that she can dive into their arms whenever she felt like.

The most funny part is, she made her mom and dad enjoy the cake with her. BTW, this cake was made by her parents, passionate bakers!

At the end, all covered in the chocolate frosting and water, we made the best use out of the beautiful setting sun.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from this session:



3-4_without silhuette

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