Mud Run Kids Obstacle Challenge. San Mateo Family Photographer

My kids were anxiously counting down days till today. When I first told them I want to sign them up for the Mud Run Kids Obstacle Challenge, one of them started to cry. When I asked her why she’s so upset about it, she answered:

I don’t want my shoes to get dirty! 

I just couldn’t believe it. My daughter doesn’t want to get dirty!?!? As girly as my girls are, they are also pretty okey with getting quite dirty.

I signed them up anyway. ?

From that first day, full of crying and saying “I don’t want to do it!”, I was able to make them pretty excited about it. And the last week was nothing but the same question over and over and over again:

So, how many days till the Mud Run?!?

While feeling like I’m going to cough my lungs out for the last couple of days, I was pretty happy to hear my girls excitement. Because I wasn’t having it.

But rain or heat or sickness; I think if we didn’t go there today, that would be one of the biggest disappointments of the whole #ewelinassummerbreak2017 

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And of course the girl who was so upset about getting all dirty… Didn’t get dirty. She found her away around it, and simply didn’t crawl in the mud, and took her jump pretty easy as well. The older one went for the whole experience.

Me on the other hand, as soon as we got to the muddy parts, I took the camera from my husband’s hands and found myself an excuse for not getting dirty nor wet. Ha!

As my daughter described it:

In my imagination I saw it as a very small event, with just a few kids running a small course. 

And she was really surprised to see the crowds, and even more excited to be a part of it.

This is definitely something we are going to do again!
Both kids agreed, myself included (hopefully feeling a little better next year, though).



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