Music Thursday || My life inspired by music

It’s my 11th week of MUSIC THURSDAY… WHAT?!?! Small pieces of my life inspired by music.

Yes, 11 weeks ago I posted first piece of music on my FB.

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Out of the blue, probably because I was feeling a little blue myself, I started Music Thursday. I did it planning to share a little bit of me with people. With new followers and those who already follow me. However it’s been a fun to watch experience, since it seems like people feel a little confuse why would I, the photographer, share music on my page, instead pictures.

Music is a big part of ME. Of who I am. What I do. How I think and feel. And I like to work with people I can connect on a deeper level. Not only the client – photographer level. But I also have a feeling that often people don’t want that connection. Or are not aware it’s important. Especially in days when all markets are flooded with the same kind of businesses, offering the same kind of services.

I for example, like to meet for a coffee with my potential clients. Long before they hire me. Sometimes they go home and I never hear back from them (mostly because the husband said NO – it’s sad but true), however many times, we just click. And I LOVE when that happens. And from that moment we know that we will be working together for years.

So for those who want deeper connection, once a week, particularly on THURSDAY I share a piece of music dear to my heart. Sometimes, I can listen to one song over and over and over again for weeks. It guides me through the day, it sits in my head like a butterfly in a cocoon, waiting to break free and fly away. And when that happens I move to another song, or start looking for something new.

I was hoping that if I share mine and then ask people to share theirs I will soon end up with several new artists to listen to, and I will be able to update my Spotify lists. I also feel like sharing your favorite piece of music with someone is opening your heart a little in a attempt of connection. The connection that is often lost in the business of social media.

And I wasn’t mistaken.

My first share was, SIA:

And right under that post I got two new songs I’m now addicted to:


This song is played so often in my house, my kids know the lyrics by heart now.

You can see the whole list of songs I posted and what other shared with me here. I hashtag them #ewasmusicthursday for easy access.

I’m now also addicted to English musician Birdy. I love almost each and every song of hers. When I listen to her it’s so hard to pick which song I want to save the “favorites” album, and which to omit.

Not to overwhelm you with too many pieces to listen at once, I invite you to visit #ewasmusicthursday and browse for anything that sounds interesting.

Or join the fun and share your favorite piece under my today’s post, which is a little bit different that what I have shared so far.

I’d love if you liked my page and came back each week to share your music story. If you have one.

I hope to see / hear you there.




If you’d like to work with me shoot me an email and I’d love to meet for a coffee.

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