My Daily Success Plan. What’s yours? {Day 1 of the “15 Day Blog Challenge”}


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Starting today we are having new routine in this household. Getting up at 7am (in opposite to 9:30ish), and sending our older daughter to Kindergarden. With that being done I have so many new plans for the days to come, as well as new hopes for getting more things done during those days when she isn’t here. Especially business wise. I need to catch up with projects that have been laying and waiting for me to come to them and finish them. I have new projects coming up, and new ideas. I have it all, but the only thing it feels like I don’t have is the time to do it.

The Kindergarden doesn’t mean that I’m completely child free. But our second kiddo is perfectly happy without having to be entertained all the time. Ufff…. Right.

So to do more things, or to learn how to do more things, or simply get into a habit of doing more things I have joined this challenge “15 Day Blog Challenge” hosted my Natalie Sisson from “The Suitcase Entrepreneur” .

This means that for a little while my blog posts will get a little more personal, and probably less “pictures from my sessions” like, and more about what’s behind running my business, what I struggle with, what I would want to improve, what I use to keep up with things, etc.

I joined the challenge mostly for myself, but if some of you find it helpful and inspiring I would love to start a dialog about your daily routines and what helps you to be more focused on things during the day and what not.

I invite you to follow my “15 day blog challenge” and get to know me better.

So, lets get back to today’s 1st day challenge topic “My daily success plan“.

My daily plan contains activities that are important for my personal growth and health as well as my business and parenthood.

Realistically looking at it, it’s not about the time (which we all have the same amount off), but about the plan how to make things done. Mostly it comes to having plan for the business and personal stuff because the parenthood part just comes naturally, I guess. Things need to be done. Kids need to be fed. Laundry needs to be folded (although we struggle with that a lot here). Kids need to go to the park, museum, playdates. It just happens.

With the business part and the personal growth it’s a little different. I can always put things aside for better time. I can always not edit photos today because I can come back to them tomorrow. I don’t really struggle with editing though and with sending the photos on time to my clients. I struggle with different things that are very much related to running a business, and I work hard on improving them.

So beside the things like making breakfast for kids, (taking a dog for a walk used to follow that, but since she passed away we don’t do it anymore), helping them dress up and taking them out to the park or a library, I do some things for myself.

I start with a cup of morning joe. Simple. Nothing can be done without it here. One cup. I don’t need more.

I check my emails and social media. I know I shouldn’t be doing so early in the morning, as the moment I open it it’s hard to do anything else.

During the breakfast I talk to the girls about their dreams and about our plans for the day.

I turn on my computer to return some emails.

Then I do some yoga. If not at home then in YMCA where the kids can play at their Kids Club. I LOVE IT!!!

The routine in practicing yoga took me from here:

August, 2008


to here:

August, 2015

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And this month is my 8th anniversary of the accident… The time flies, people!

My somehow new routine is getting at least 2 liters per day of water in me. Sometimes more. No excuses. I don’t enjoy it so I rarely drink plain water. More often then not it’s lemon and fresh ginger water. Sometimes mix of fresh strawberries and kiwi. Once a week, sometimes more often as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, I have apple cider vinegar detox drink. More water equals less headaches!!!

All of that while or in between of editing photos, taking photos or scouting locations. Many of those with my girls on my side. Look at this little helper 🙂

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Also a big part of my daily routine is spending some time in the evenings with the husband. After the kids go to bed we sit comfortably on the couch and watch our favorite tv-shows and eat some ice cream. Recently we are hooked to “Humans”, “The Strain”, “Mr. Robot”, “Brotherhood”, so to name a few.

Sometimes I even skip the dinner because I feel like I will enjoy the ice cream more. Often I look forward to that peaceful time of the evening. It feels like it became our tradition. Even if the day sucks I know that at the end I will be able to indulge in slightly melted bowl of cookie dough ice cream and that makes me feel better, way better.

And when I’m done with the ice cream, I crochet.

So, yes…. these are the most important things I try to include in my daily plan. Some of them energize me while some simply help me to relax. They make me happy.

Do you have a plan for your days to which you try to stick? What keeps you motivated and energized?


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