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3 years ago it was Brynja Sigurdardottir and her breastfeeding army moms. Now it is Ivette Ivens and her photos of nursing uncovered mothers. I can only say, I admire both of them for their vision. All the hatred they received for their projects had been a main reasons why I didn’t push any of my clients to participate in my own personal project of photographing breastfeeding mothers. I was not prepared for words of criticism that Brynja and Ivette has received. I think it’s time to stop being afraid and simply do it!

Back in 2012 I wrote a post for an online community, World Moms Blog: “Poland via USA: Breastfeeding in public?” expressing my thoughts about nursing in public being such a controversial, yet natural, state of human existence. Being honest with you I feel more comfortable taking pictures then writing, therefore instead of writing about this issue I will simply join the group of photographers who do support the cause of breastfeeding in public (covered or not).

Sneak peek from 3 sessions I had today.

And to all moms out there. Please enjoy those moments while you can! Capture them! Definitely!!!

nursing uncovered, ewa samples photography-1

nursing uncovered, ewa samples photography-2

nursing uncovered, ewa samples photography-3

nursing uncovered, ewa samples photography-4


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