The Runner and Sleeping Beauty {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

Sometimes we all get sick. Right? Sometimes we all get poked in the eye by our own child, and we lose vision (or most of it) in this one particular eye, on a day that we have to use this eye for work… It happens to all of us. Right?

Luckily with the right camera settings, and the magic of auto-focus, and a tiny help from the one working eye, everything is possible!

There was no time to re-schedule our session, so we went with the flow, knowing that if this time don’t work, then we will have another hour full of playing and bubbles blowing in a few days. Who wouldn’t want that? Right? 😉

By doing so, I did not expect that the one of the family members will make me work for my money. Seriously. “The Runner” should be her second name. She did not want to stop, and she had so much fun doing it. What a great thing to be able to capture such joy and happiness, btw. And everything while her little sister was getting a good sleep. She woke up just on time for me to see her beautiful eyes and say “it was very nice to meet you, sweetie pie”, and on time to snap a last photo of her mama peacefully nursing her. Just perfect!

I think, even despite the obstacle we have created some beautiful images that day!

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