The Shy and The Playful {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

Many sessions, especially with small kids start like this one. Mom’s legs, dad’s arms, and no desire of smiling to the lady doing peek-a-boo from behind the camera. Often it doesn’t matter that we have already met a year ago and had super fun session. Young kids don’t remember, so each time we meet I need to build the trust with them all over again. And it’s actually exciting and fun, because you never know where it will take you at the end, how it is all going to turn.

It’s always important not to focus on the people/kids who are super easy to work with, in this case the Big Brother, who as soon as we started was very playful and goofy – photographers dream model.
What a great reward it is to turn a shy child, in this case Miss The Most Wonderful Eyelashes, into a playful, happy and chasing you (instead you chasing her) kid.
But don’t get me wrong. The points are not all on me, with a wonderful assistant and great parents who with joined power work hard behind my back (or with  an amazing dedication blow bubbles and throw the kids in the air) we all get it done.

Another year, another wonderful session! Can’t wait for next year already.


family_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_daughter_san_jose_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos mom_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_Dad_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photos_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino kids_photography_san_jose_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photography_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photo_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino family_session_san_francisco_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos dad_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto



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