Stanford Family Photography Session {Family Photographer, Palo Alto, CA}

I remember my first Stanford Family Photography Session. I was so excited about it. And scared. At the very beginning of my career I used to shoot almost all my sessions in very open spaces. I wanted to limit the amount of random people in the background. I didn’t have any skills in Photoshop. I didn’t own Photoshop. I had tried to avoid places where there could be many objects in the background that later I would have to remove in Photoshop. Simple. Right? Trees and open fields are very safe places to shoot if you are like I used to be two years ago 😉

Luckily during that first session at Stanford University Campus the place was totally empty. Right then I fell in love with this place. After that session I had gone there countless times to explore it more, and to get to know it more. I knew I want to shoot there more often. Stanford Family Photography Session

This place is not the easiest place to shoot at, but man, when you get it right it’s so rewarding. There are so many great places to incorporate as a background, so many great ways to play with the light, and no matter the weather or the time of the day, there are options to get awesome photos.

The session I’m posting today was very special.

It was during the time when one of our girls was going through some tests regardless the possibilities of having an epilepsy. This little girl here is after a liver transplant, and it all started with symptoms very similar to what our girl was going through at that time… Long story short, this family wanted a session at Stanford as it’s a place they have grown very fond of. She had the surgery at the Stanford Children’s Hospital and they come to Stanford very often for her check ups and follow ups. Before I met them I had though due to her surgery this session will not be very “active”, but rather calm and mellow. How surprised I was when this session turned into a full of kisses, giggles, running and trees climbing hour. Pure happiness and joy.

Stanford Family Photography Session

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Stanford Family Photography Session




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Stanford Family Photography Session

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